I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it.

This post is going to be ridiculously gushy and cheesy. And honestly, some of you are going to roll your eyes saying, “Are you kidding me, Bree? Really?” But you know what? I… Continue reading


Every time I come home to my apartment, I can’t help but be overwhelmed with thankfulness to God that I have a place to live. Not only that, but it’s a good place.… Continue reading

Is there ROOM for me?

So for a long while now I’ve been meaning to write this post. Alas, I’m a terrible blogger and I can only whip out a post every two weeks. Maybe I’ll get better… Continue reading

Beyond The Wall

I am thoroughly obsessed with George RR Martin’s series A Song of Ice and Fire. I love the books and I love its HBO show, Game of Thrones. I think about it constantly,… Continue reading

We Live On A Mountain, Right At the Top

Remember how a long time ago I posted a post called, “The Night Is Young, But I Am Younger”. In that post I said I was going to try lots of new things… Continue reading

Friendly Fires and The Paper Kites (Free music!)

If we’re friends on facebook, I have no doubt that you’ve already been exposed to these two bands. This is because I’m obsessed with them both! I’ve been posting their videos here and… Continue reading

Mermaid Love

I really enjoy taking showers when I’m home. It’s because the shower head makes the water pressure really hard and hot. The whole bathroom becomes more like a steam room and it’s just… Continue reading

Jungle Book

Sometimes I look out the window and my backyard looks more like a jungle.


Yesterday, my mom and I went to spend time with my Grandmere. When we got there, she was all excited and pulled out her camera saying, “I’ve got to show you what I… Continue reading

Mix Tape From A Mixed Girl #1: The Lael

Click here to check out my first attempt at a mixtape!