Mix Tape From A Mixed Girl

So here it is.
My first attempt at making a mix tape.
Thus far, I have not been able to make it downloadable.
In good time, my friends.
In the mean time, here’s the details!

Mix Tape From a Mixed Girl #1 is titled “The Lael”.
This is due to the fact that this playlist was made for my dear friend… Lael!
It’s an assortment of everything I love right now.
Songs were mostly pulled from other mixtapes I’ve downloaded recently,
along with a few others that I already had.
It’s what’s on repeat on my itunes right now and assembled in just the right flow.
Here are the track names and a list to a youtube video to satisfy your ears until I can get a download link up!

1. “Brother“- Matt Corby
2. “Sweater Weather“- The Neighbourhood (download their full EP “I’m Sorry” FREE at http://www.thenbhd.com)
3. “Weight/Lightness“- Ambassadors
4. “Unconsolable“- Ambassadors
5. “I Was Thinking“- Gauntlet Hair
6. “What You Know“- Two Door Cinema Club
7. “I Will Remain“- Matthew and the Atlas
8. “Kids (MGMT Cover)“- Lady Danville
9. “Original Sin“- Geographer
10. “Born Whole“- Doe Paoro
11. “Blue Jeans“- Lana Del Rey
12. “Litost“- Ambassadors
13. “1901 (Phoenix Cover)“- Birdy
14. “No Return“- Sucre
15. “Chemical Reaction“- Sucre
16. “Obedear“- Purity Ring << *freaking weird video*
17. “All This Youth“- Niki & The Dove
18. “Radioactive“- Marina & the Diamonds
19. “It All Began With a Burst“- Kishi Bashi