Yesterday, my mom and I went to spend time with my Grandmere.
When we got there, she was all excited and pulled out her camera saying,
“I’ve got to show you what I found in the backyard.”
So we all crowded around the camera, and when the first picture came up
I was gone.
I ran to the backyard to look and see if they were still there…
and they were!!
I nearly melted. Cutest little kittens ever.
They’re so brand new to the world that their eyes aren’t fully developed yet.
They looked a little crazy, but still so so cute.
My mom ran out to the car and grabbed my camera for me (thank you!!).
I was able to get some pretty precious shots.
Hoorah for kittens!

This poor pup was itching to get at those kittens, who were just on the other side of the fence.