Friendly Fires and The Paper Kites (Free music!)

If we’re friends on facebook, I have no doubt
that you’ve already been exposed to these two bands.
This is because I’m obsessed with them both!
I’ve been posting their videos here and there and I just can’t get enough of them.
It’s been a while since I’ve been so enthralled with a band enough to want to
PURCHASE their ENTIRE album.
Yes, but these two bands, have done me in.
As soon as I get my next paycheck, I’m going to be investing in full length albums.
For now, here’s a little taste of what I’ve been chewin’ on these past few weeks!

First up, The Paper Kites

I was first exposed to Aussie band The Paper Kites whilst blog surfing.
I came across their music video for “Bloom”. It was love.
It’s such a great sing along (or whistle along) song for the summer and I had it on repeat with the windows down more than once!
Visit them on facebook HERE
or go to their website where you can download their song “Woodland”.
Here’s their music video for my personal favorite song, “Featherstone”.

Want more of The Paper Kites?
Well guess what, they were featured TWICE on Invisible Children’s Monday Mini Mixtape #19!
You can get “Featherstone” and “Willow Tree March” by downloading MMM #19!

Next up is, Friendly Fires

Hailing from England, Friendly Fires isn’t new to the music scene, just new to me.
They released their first album  in 2008.
But recently (so recently as May 24th) they released their latest album “Pala”.
I came across Friendly Fires while…well, yes blog surfing.
They did a guest post on Free People’s Blog, which included a video of their song “Hawaiian Air”.
And that’s what did it for me!
Now the sad part is, I discovered I already had them on my itunes TWICE!
I guess I’ve gotten a hold of a couple of their songs, thanks to the absurd number of mixtapes I download.
Well, needless to say I’ve had those few songs on repeat, as well!
Check out the beautiful artwork for their new album, “Pala”

Now, funny story about Friendly Fires.
I was watching TV the other night.
And this Gucci Commercial came on.
The song they chose for it was sexy and sophisticated in a nostalgic 90s kind of way.
I loved it, so I decided to look it up.
It was a cover of Depeche Mode’s song “Strangelove”, done by none other than Friendly Fires!
How cool!? Listen to the full song HERE.

Check out Friendly Fires on facebook!