Sharing The Love

Over the past couple of months I have become a mixtape junkie.
I peruse the internet searching and downloading any and every mixtape I can find.
Being a music enthusiast, I’m always searching for that next secret big hit and the latest beats.
Invisible Children started this mixtape obsession with their Monday Mini Mixtapes.
Every Monday, the Invisible Children Music Department releases a small mix of songs to get you through the week.
The songs are always fantastic and I rarely know the artists (which I love since it allows me to discover new bands and sounds).
Here’s the link to their latest mix here!

The Monday Mini Mixtape is where I discovered one of my most favourite bands of the summer, The Neighbourhood.
This time around the playlist has got some awesome tracks not only by The Neighbourhood, but Florence + The Machine, The Temper Trap and Passion Pit.
So you should definitely give it a listen!
Check out their old playlists too!

Here’s the Florence + the Machine song, “Breath Of Life” :